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VRf - Multitasking

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 14, 1996

from: Juan Carlos Martin / INDRA ESPACIO / MADRID /SPAIN / 34-1-3963995 / FAX 34-1-3963912
REF:  RE:VRF - Multitasking
date: 14/August/1996

Helo Marco
you wrote:

>I have a VEE program that has a 2 level userobject.  That is...a user object
>within a userobject.  I have data in the lower level that I want to graph with
>the X-Y plot object.  This X-Y plot object will be placed in panel view. 
>Therefore I have the plot objects on the top level and bring the data out from
>the 2-deep level to the top. 
>Problem:  It doesn't graph.  If I put the X-Y plot in the first userobject,
>one level deep, then it does plot.  Does anyone have an idea to this?  I have
>the X-Y plot object on the top panel for two reasons:  (1) to avoid main
>sub-panels and thus decrease confussion, and (2) I need to be able to share
>X-Y plots by a couple sections of my program.  In other words, I have
>tests that needs to plot to the same graph, and also I have a "view data file"
>that needs to output to the same graph. 
>Any sudgestions?  Thank you in advance!  Marco.

Why do not you include all the X-Y plot into a function (with "show panel on
execute" property activated). Thus, the X-Y plot can be used a lot of times
from different parts of the VEE design.
The only disadventage is that if you use a function, the execute control
flow remains into the function until it is wholy executed. This means that
you cannot execute other part of the VEE application until the function is

Hope this suggestion could help you

Juan Carlos