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Vrf-Object in Object

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 14, 1996
Hi there

Marco wrote :
        VRf - Multitasking
        Mon, 12 Aug 96 12:57:45 -0400


I have a VEE program that has a 2 level userobject.  That is...a user
within a userobject.  I have data in the lower level that I want to graph
the X-Y plot object.  This X-Y plot object will be placed in panel view.
Therefore I have the plot objects on the top level and bring the data out
the 2-deep level to the top.

Problem:  It doesn't graph.  If I put the X-Y plot in the first
userobject, ie.
one level deep, then it does plot.  Does anyone have an idea to this?  I
the X-Y plot object on the top panel for two reasons:  (1) to avoid main
sub-panels and thus decrease confussion, and (2) I need to be able to
share the
X-Y plots by a couple sections of my program.  In other words, I have
tests that needs to plot to the same graph, and also I have a "view data
that needs to output to the same graph.

Any sudgestions?  Thank you in advance!  Marco.


I see 2 ways :
1. Exit the second level object and make a output pin with the data.
   Then it should work.

2. Save the data in a global, and flip another global to indicate that
   data is OK. That will also help you to display other data in the
   X-Y plot, Just make a loop that checks if any signal is ready and
   then display it.

I hope it helps. (the second example I haven't tried, but it should work)

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