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Panel/Constant object/Size

Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 8, 1996
Subject: VRF: Panel/Constant object/Size
From: Johannes Mulder

This mail I have sent before, without any reaction. I forgot to have 
the "VRF" indication in the subject. So I try again.

Hi all,

I have the next problem (under Win95, Vee3.2):
A panel with a simple Constant object (array of coords).
I use this to easily alter my array from a default value.
I resized it to fit nicely (more narrow and more high), and
positioned it at the far right of the screen.

When I run my program and the constant is filled with the default,
the object is automatically resized by VEE, so the scrollbar jumps
off the screen.

A userfunction with locking the panel does not help, securing my
program neither.
Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance!

With kind regards,
  Johannes Mulder           
  Philips Electron Optics            tel +31 40 2766947
  Building AAE-room 21               fax +31 40 2766820
  P.O.B. 218                  
  5600 MD ACHT, the Netherlands