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Vrf-Saving VEE files in OLD file format.

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 14, 1996
from: Greg Goebel / HP-MXD / 970-679-2305 / FAX 970-679-5971
to:   Andy Fuller / VRf
date: Thursday, 15 August 1996 0913 MDT

> You _can_ indeed run multiple copies of VEE under UNIX (HP-UX or SunOS),
> but cut-and-paste doesn't occur through a "clipboard": you cannot move
> objects from one instance of VEE to another.  There have been _lots_ of
> times that I wish I could have done this (Lab guys, are you listening?).

They have heard this many, many times.  It's not a simple thing to do,
given the history of VEE.

> I don't know how different the file formats are between versions 3.0 and
> 3.12, but it might be possible to save portions of a program from 3.12
> that are "unoffensive" to 3.0 and load them in 3.0 and re-save.  I have
> had some success using HP-UX VEE 3.0 to load files written under Windows
> VEE 3.12.  VEE 3.0 warns me about unrecognized objects (features
> available in 3.12 but not in 3.0, like knobs), and replaces them with
> dummy objects.  But as a whole, the program loads and runs.  The objects
> not recognised by VEE 3.0 are even preserved and usable when I re-load
> under VEE 3.12.

VEE 3.2 obtained much better file load times by a major revision of the
source file format ... in earlier versions, an object's view and internals
were in in the same part of the source file, in 3.2 they are separated and
classed as groups.  It's not a question of not being able to recognize
certain objects ... actually, there are relatively few new objects in 3.2
over 3.12.

This is indeed a severe inconvenience -- I'm rewriting my VEE tutorial with
hyperlinked examples, and I have to do them all in 3.12 so customers can get
them to load ... it's a pain to rewrite them.  It would have been nice to
get a file-conversion utility but it appears that would have been *very*
difficult to do.

> Good luck!
> -- Andy
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