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stability measurements

Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 11, 1996
VRF: stability measurements
from: Johannes Mulder

In our factory they do many stability measurements.
it's time to modernize.
the equipment we sell contains a PC.
THE path seems to me: use this PC and (something like) VEE.
My target: with not much effort (including as few as possible do
programming myself) doing this.

Question 1: does anybody have suggestions on which equipment to use.
We used the fluke 335 differential voltmeter with recorder. We need
at least 0.5ppm resolution, about 1kHz sampling should be
sufficient. I would prefer not to bother around in this PC, so either
serial or parallel communication. I'm focussing on the HP34420 and
the Keithley2002.

Question 2: is there already an application which can do the job?
I'm thinking of:
  1-showing the result on screen
     (maybe drift, noise and spikes separated)
  2-some kind of warning on treshold-violations
  3-logging to disk together with some documentation
  4-retreiving files for reviewing or comparison
The PC runs WIN3.11, we're moving to NT, MSoffice (EXCEL) available.

Thanks for thinking
With kind regards,
  Johannes Mulder           
  Philips Electron Optics            tel +31 40 2766947
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