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vee defect VXDaa10060 was updated by hillr

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 16, 1996

Bug VXDaa10060                vee                           Submitted 960927
  ASSIGNED enhancement                                       Assigned 960927

  "would like to use external editor to EDIT DESCRIPTION"

                                        LABORATORY INFORMATION
                                         Assigned engineer: hillr
Detection method: customer use
Platform:         all
Problem severity: 0

Submitter:     Stan Bischof
Organization:  HP MID


************ Problem (Added 960927 by http) ***********
To enhance the usefullness of the "edit description" fields, and encourage
their usage, it would be very nice to be able to use and external "real"
editor of the user's choice. One third of this is already there since
the "edit description" field can already read an external file.

Other than that all that needs to happen is to write to an external file
and then start up an external editor.

Failing that, even cut-and-paste support would do the job!

************ History ************
batchbug 960927 152311 Severity submitted as 3 by Stan Bischof
batchbug 960927 152311 Submitted to vee -  by Stan Bischof, from the Web.
xddts    960927 153539 N -> A (Assigned to hillr) by jimbo
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