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VRf - IF Cut/Paste - 2

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 17, 1996

> >> Hi,
> >> Thanks for the quick response on the BEEP issue, Greg.
> >> While I'm in the mood of griping, how about some sort
> >> of cut, copy, & paste function within an IF THEN ELSE
> >> box.  I've got a box with over 20 ELSE IF's and heaven
> >> help me if I have to insert another one near the top.
> >>
> >> Is there a way I don't know about to inset an ELSE IF
> >> anywhere EXCEPT the bottom, or a way to avoid re-typing
> >> each ELSE IF by hand to shuffle them all down one line?
> >>
> >
> >Sure- quite easy. Just insert the ELSE IF where it pops in
> >(at the bottom) then pop over to your favorite text editor.
> >You can juggle the order all you want in a few seconds, since
> >they are all bunched together in one area.
> >
> >Around here we use "vi" to solve all kinds of things like this.
> >
> >Once you get used to the syntax it becomes very productive.
> >Do be careful though- you can create corrupt files if you are not
> >careful.
> >Stan Bischof
> >
> Thanks Stan, but...
> ...the .VEE file I'm working on now will probably exceed 1MB by
> the end of this year.  You're asking me to stop, save what I'm
> doing, load the source into Notepad (or whatever), search for
> the RIGHT if/then/else statement, finally do my cut and paste,
> re-save it, re-load it into VEE, and get myself nested back into
> the same USER function routine where I started?  I appreciate
> you offered a valid work around, but geesh, it sure seems like
> a LONG way around.
> Hey, all I'm asking for are equal rights for IF/THEN/ELSE
> statements.  Why not?  All the Interface I/O boxes, TO and FROM
> boxes, the mighty SEQUENCER boxes, etc., ect. *ALL* have
> Add Trans..., Insert Trans..., Cut Trans..., Copy Trans...,
> Paste Trans..., and Print Trans... on THEIR pop-up menus,
> so why shoudln't the lowly IF/THEN/ELSE's have the same
> consideration?
> Mike Groves
> Ericsson Inc.

Hi Mike!

I agree with you, it should be possible to add a new transaction  in an
If-then-else object where-ever you want, and not only on the bottom.

Stan's suggestions is possible to use, even with big files:

You can save your IF-Then-Else object as an object.
( use "save object" in File menu)
Use an editor to change it, and merge it into your big HP-VEE
program again.
This works fine.

Bjorn Kristian Kleven
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