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VRF-Need Help on File Transfer from HP1000

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 1, 1997
Happy new year everyone,

I have to rewrite the old fortran programs in HP VEE, but to do this I have to
electronically transfer them from HP VEE to my PC.  I did a research and found
that there are some alternatives are present, here are those:

1. Using LIF utility on the HP1000 to transfer RTE files to LIF and transfer
   to HP 9000/300 (Basic Operating System, HP9153C external hard disk), and
   then transfer the files from HP9153 to my PC (I have experience in the second
   part, I have already transferred HP Instrument Basic programs from HP9153 to
   the PC by using LIF utility for DOS).

2. Installing Kermit to HP1000 (I have downloaded from Columbia University) and
   trasfer the files via RS232.

3. Using Xmodem program from HP (I do not know the price or any more details).

4. Using HP-ARPA program (same as above).

If you have any hands-on experience with one of the above, your comments will
greatly be appreciated. This will save me lots of time and can concentrate the
HP VEE part of the project.

Thanks to all who will respond.