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Re2: VRf - IF Cut/Paste - 2

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 17, 1996
"Bjorn Kristian Kleven (+47 66 84 16 03)" <> wrote:
> Hi Mike!
> I agree with you, it should be possible to add a new transaction  in an
> If-then-else object where-ever you want, and not only on the bottom.
> Stan's suggestions is possible to use, even with big files:
> You can save your IF-Then-Else object as an object.
> ( use "save object" in File menu)
> Use an editor to change it, and merge it into your big HP-VEE
> program again.
> This works fine.
> Regards
> Bjorn Kristian Kleven

Thanks for elaborating. I neglected to add in this detail.
Full process is

  Select the object to be edited
  FILE | SAVE OBJECTS   to file of your choice
  bring up any text editor
    fix up as needed
    plop down where you want it

For small programs you can edit the whole program file, though
this is more dangerous since you can corrupt it. Worst that can happen
above is that you mess up a single object.

Though this workaround works, I would agree with the original note
that it would be very nice to have "normal" cut and paste in VEE objects.

Stan Bischof