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UNIX Sockets

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 2, 1997
from: Juan Carlos Martin / INDRA ESPACIO /MADRID / 34-1-3963995 / FAX 34-1-3963912
date: Friday, 3rd January 1996
REF:  UNIX sockets

First of all hello and Happy New "York",

I am working with VEE (version 3.21) and UNIX HP-UX version 9.x or higher.
I have to monitoring and controlling an equipment which is connected to my
(HP) workstation by means of Ethernet (LAN). The communication is made using
two sockets (one to send requests and other to receive replies) from VEE.

I know that in some cases when the equipment is hang-up or has a failure,
sockets are broken and when equipment status is right again the
communication cannot be resumed. That is, sockets do not work properly.

Someone knows something about this problem? Is it necessary to reboot the
workstation to restore the broken sockets? or it is enough to make something
at operating system level? or this can be performed using some VEE features
(unknown for me) in all cases?

Any king of help is very appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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