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Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 25, 1996
> From Fri Oct 25 15:49 MEZ 1996
> Name: Zafer AKTAN
> Subject: Comparison between HP VEE and Lab View
> I am trying to develop a test/data acquisition system for the Turbo Propulsion
> Laboratory in our institution by using HP VEE. I know that the software is very
> user friendly and capable. The department asked me to make a comparison
> between LabView and HP VEE before they finalize their decision. Unfortunately
> I am not familiar with the LabView, thus I am not able to make this
> comparison and list the pros. and cons. of both package. I will be happy if
> somebody can help me to make this comparison so that I can be able to
> promote HP VEE in the department and continue my design/development with
> Thank you for your precious time.
> Zafer
     From my experience of evaluation of Labview and HPVEE
     I would not dare to say that the software (both of them)
     are very user friendly, from my point of view only,
     i.e. of making the instrument communicate with the PC.
     In my opinion the first thing that you have to do is
     a list of all the instruments you have to use.
     Then try to answer the fundamental question:
     Does this software like this instrument?
     i.e. Do I have got NOW available a working driver?
     If you have a driver then there are chances that you
     can develop a program, if there are no drivers
     then the software handbooks usually say that you
     can always use direct access.
     This is only partially true,
     in my opinion, direct access is related to too many
     unknown variables. In fact  I cannot explain why it
     happened to us that, with a  PC, an HP4142B, a GPIB
     box (or a card, we tried both) of the National Inst.
     AND Labview we were not able
     to perform a measure in five months of attempts
     (there was no driver so we used direct access only).
     Same configuration BUT HPVEE instead of Labview
     worked in 5 hours (faster and safer with direct access,
     the driver of the HP4142B available was not "always" reliable).
     Do notice that the driver of the card/box was National,
     while all the rest was HP.

     A note for Greg in Denmark style:
     However "as the use to say in Denmark" the final comment
     of a third person - not me - on the driver of the HP4142B
     was that probably the developer did not know the instrument.
     But, given that the HPVEE direct access work, we are happy of HPVEE
      also the post-processing abilities of the HPVEE works fine but
     overall we tend to think that the "plug and play" slogan
     ***************** line omitted ***************************
     I see that it is too long a mail but please, fellow HPVEErs,
     understand me, in this very moment the PC of the HP4142B
     is open with a KEITHLEY KPC-488.2 inserted just to see
     if everything works the same with this configuration..
     so I was triggered by the word "evaluation" maybe somebody
     use already this card... it is worth to try it or
     we are just shooting at the moon?

     Have a nice Weekend
     Claudio De Diana