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VRf: command line

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 25, 1996
>NAME: Jeff Davis
>We are using the EXECUTE PROGRAM object to open the Windows utility program
>called NOTEPAD.EXE.  We are able to open the program, but would also like to
>enable the "Word Wrap" option upon file execution.  Does any one know the
>command line switch that will enable this?  We are using notepad as a "USER
>NOTES" function in several of our programs, it is free, and loads very fast.
> It is easy enough to open a specific file, all you have to do with VEE is
>pull-up an EXECUTE PROGRAM Object, and add a COMMAND pin (The ONLY control
>input) that points to the file you want to open (EXAMPLE COMMAND INPUT:
>notepad.exe c:proglib3325hlp.txt).  If someone could tell us how to throw
>the wordwrap switch, we would be real happy.
>J. Davis

Hi Jeff,
Don't know what version Windows you are using, I assume 3.1 or 3.11.
You might consider Windows NT 4.0 with VEE 3.21.  I also do a call to
Notepad from within VEE. The notepad program for NT has been improved
from earlier versions. For example, no file size limits, it loads big
files MUCH faster, *AND* it remembers the settings you selected
(including word wrap).

Windows NT workstation may not be the best solution for every
situation, but it works flawlessly for me on an HP Vectra 90 MHz
Pentium with 32M of ram.