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Vrf-Direct IO problem

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 20, 1997
Hello Everyone
     I have a question regarding direct IO which is probably simplistic for
     many, but I just cannot get it work.
     I need to read data from an 8510 network analyzer.  The four
     parameters I need are start and stop frequency, number of points, and
     the corrected data array.  The first three are no problem, but I am
     having problems reading the corrected data array.  I want a real data
     type of shape Array 2D and size [2,# of points], just like what would
     come out of a component driver. I use
     READ TEXT ?
     I have tried many different READ types such as
     READ TEXT preamble,size
     READ TEXT z REAL ARRAY: 2,51   (for a 51 point data measurement)
     which usually locks up my computer(PC with 95).  I know the answer
     is probably simple for most, but it hasn't been for me.  Any advice
     or answers would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
     Also, I have noticed a lot of codes use the OUTERRO command.  What
     does this command do?
     Charlie Spellman
     Cablewave Systems
     60 Dodge Ave.
     North Haven, CT