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VEE-counter Problem

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 14, 1997

from: Marco Panzanella
to:   Vrf
date: Wed Jan 15 08:36:14 EST 1997

> Bjarne Roscher
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> 1. I've had some poblems with counters. The attached Program worked with my
> Computerboards Card but after installing the Intel Configuration Manager
> (for PnP) I got a problem with the first counter. The problem is that it
> runs free. That means that it dosn't care about the signals which it gets
> from the "cbCln". It seems like the counter only cares about the "On Cycle"
> which is set to 0.
> But when i take a Display => "AlphaNumeric" and put that behind the "cbCln"
> then it counts from 65k downwards (at right speed -with frequency of input):
> What's wrong?

I once encountered this problem also.  The counter seemed to run freely.  My
counter/timer board is CyberResearch's CTM05.  It is very similar to yours
above.  I found the problem to occur if I try to poll values before I configure
the counter.  This may sound silly to do.  Actually, my configuration was done
at the beginning of one thread which later turned into a Until break object.  I
had a separate thread polling values.  The top of this thread was controlled via
an On-cycle object.  My task was to pulse a motor, with one of the five counters
on the board, in the "Until break" loop, then count the pulses sent to the motor
using a different counter that was controlled in the "On-cycle" object (same
board, the AMD9514 chip has five independant counters). 

I'm still an amateur at VEE... what seems to happen is that VEE executes the
On-Cylce loop first and starts polling values from the counter.  The setup for
both my counters was in the Until-break loop and hadn't been executed yet.  My
fix was to put the counter setup, "CBCONFIG" at the top of the On-Cylce loop.

As an aside...  HP-Vee requires LONG integers in its function calls.  I had to
write a simple DLL to pass all the function parameters in the CB library to and
from VEE.  Did you do this?  I could possibly give you the DLL if you need it.    

> Is it not allowed to use a counter in this way (behind a on cycle)?

Mine works fine now.

> then I tried to take a formula after the "cbCln" with the content 65535-a)
> *When I feed the result of the "formula 1" into the  "A mod 128" the "2.
> Counter" doesn't work right. (It count's like that: 4,8,12,16,.....) but it
> is supposed to work like 1,2,3,4,5......
> What's wrong?
> 2. I was trying to use the Program to play sound Files with vee ( X2Of2 form
> 9.12.96) but I get the error massage form the mplayer that it can't play
> this kind of standard wav's. When I play that wav directly it works fine!
> Any solution?
> Thank You all in advance.
> Yours Bjarne Roscher
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