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VRf - Serial Port Baud Rate

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 23, 1997
To: VEE Reflector
From: Peter Fender
Subj: Serial Port Baud Rate
Date: 24 Mar 1997


I have a test setup where I will be communicating with two devices
through one serial port and a manual A/B switch.
One device operates at 19200 baud, and the second at 9600 baud.

The first device sends a status string after it is turned on that
I wish to read in VEE.

How do I be sure the serial port is set to the right baud rate so that
it will accept and buffer the data ?
Do I need to transmit one character to the port so the baud rate is correct ?
Does transmitting a charater via Direct I/O always set the baud rate
defined for that instrument ?
Are there any other ways that VEE sets the baud rate for the port ?

Are there any other complications to this type of setup that someone
has discovered before ?
(It is not practical to add another serial port to the computer.)

A second unrelated question: How does VEE know what time zone I am
in ?   My Print Screens have EST (Eastern Standard Time) on the top with
the timestamp, but I cannot find any entries in v.ini or win.ini that would
indicate the time zone.
I am using VEE 3.12 for Windows, with Windows 3.1.

Thanks in advance,   Peter

Peter Fender
Raytheon E-Systems, Inc.
PO Box 12248
St. Petersburg, FL  33733