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HP-Vee and Labview

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 27, 1996

To my understanding HP-Vee does multitask and multithread.  Actually, I recently
developed a monstrous program that had 4 simultaneous threads going.  It seemed
to work pretty good.  The problem is that Windows has alot of overhead.  Think
about it, your program is interpreted in HP-Vee, goes through Windows and any
DLL you may be using, out to DOS, then out your computer.  Yuck.

A big difference between the two is that HP-Vee is an interpreted language
whereas Labview is a compiled language.  A recent message to the VRF mentioned
that future versions of HP-Vee may possibly output compiled programs.  Don't
count on it yet.

I have just requested a demo of Labview.  Overall I am happy with HP-Vee.  There
are some minor quirks that bug me:
     - Objects on the main panel must be on the main level of detail. 
     - Moving around with a mouse isn't all too fun.  Especially when           
       connecting two distant objects.
     - Cannot "printout" code.
     - Cut and Paste not as universal as it should be,  their shortcut keys           
       do not work.

Some of these may be do to my "beginner" approach to using HP-Vee.  Labview
seems to be more of an industry standard.  Whenever I try to explain my work to
clients and I mention HP-Vee they don't know what I am talking about.  However,
they quickly understand my work when I relate it to Labview. 

I don't consider myself an expert on this (quite the opposite).  Please do more
research before you make a decision. 

Marco Panzanella