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Form Feed inside print

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 21, 1997

here's a seemingly simple task that wortks fine under HPUX but seems
a royal pain under Win 95:

Namely I want to print some data, issue a form feed and then print
some more data.

Under HPUX I simple use a "to Print" object and

      write text a
      write text inttochar(12)
      write text b

and it works great (12 is ascii decimal code for form feed)

On my WIN95 PC this doesn;t work and the reason is alluded to in
the "help" system: namely that "control characters" on the PC cannot be
embedded in a print job. Sounds like a limitation of the print drivers
rather than VEE per se.

The suggested alternative is to use a _to file_ pointed at the
printer port (LPT1 or whatnot) which seems klunky at best.

Is there perhaps a better way of doing this?

thanks for any hints

Stan Bischof