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Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 26, 1997
Hye !

Thanks for your answers to previous questions. I would like to have your
opinion again on this one, taking into account the statements which follow :

>On a previous application, we were running HP VEE for windows 3.1, and a
>  DDE server developped in Borland C++ v 4.0 to communicate with National
>    Instruments boards (AT DIO 32F) via ISA bus.
>    I've tried to run this DDE server on a new station (windows NT 4.0) with
>    VEE 3.21 and - of course - it doesn't work.
>    I'm looking for some work around to reuse this DDE server (configuring
>    properly windows NT 4.0 ...?) , or, if not possible, to drive these
boards >directly
>    with HP VEE ...
>    Have you smart solutions ?

Recompiling in 32 bits the server doesn't solve the problem : NT forbids
unauthorized access to hardware. C instructions like inputw and outputw, to
directly access the IO ports are inhibited by the operating system.

I looked at National Instrument to find a driver for AT DIO 32F board,
compatible with NT 4.0. I downloaded NIDAQ version 5.0 beta 8 from NI web
site, but none of the functions in NiDAQ library performs the handshaking I
want nor allow me to read and write directly to the on board configuration


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