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Re2: VRf- HP VEE vs. LabView

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 27, 1996
> I recall that the web site for HPVEE contains a comparison of HPVEE and
> Labview buried somewhere.  It is written for HP sales reps, and gives them
> pointers on how to poke holes in Labview.
> One caution about selecting either package: Do not put too much emphasis on
> instrument drivers.  HPVEEs instrument drivers are too slow for anything but
> short lab tests.  Labview's drivers can be incomplete and possibly buggy,
> because many of them are customer-developed.  With modern instruments, the
> effort in using direct I/O instead of drivers is not much more.

In principle, with Plug&Play drivers there will be no distinction between
the two languages anyway.  In practice, PNP drivers are still in a state of
unstable evolution.

> Another caution about selecting any graphical programming language is how to
> control the configuration.  Something might be easy to work with, but pretty
> soon your QA department will ask you "what changed between this version and the
> last", and "prove it"
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