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HP VEE vs. LabView

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 28, 1996
> "VRf-Need_help"
> help,
> Name: Zafer AKTAN
> Subject: Comparison between HP VEE and Lab View
> I am trying to develop a test/data acquisition system for the Turbo Propulsion
> Laboratory in our institution by using HP VEE. I know that the software is very
> user friendly and capable. The department asked me to make a comparison
> between LabView and HP VEE before they finalize their decision. Unfortunately
> I am not familiar with the LabView, thus I am not able to make this
> comparison and list the pros. and cons. of both package. I will be happy if
> somebody can help me to make this comparison so that I can be able to
> promote HP VEE in the department and continue my design/development with
> Thank you for your precious time.
> Zafer

Dear Zafer,

I fully agree with the opinion of Johannes Mulder. With both HP VEE and LabView
you are able to create test programs which can do the same operations, however I
recently found one difference which can be very essential in some applications.
The difference was about multitasking capabilities with Windows 3.1x.

The testbench I used was an application program which collected the data of a
probe station via a GPIB link (NI). The concurrent process was simply a counter
in HP VEE. The counter process puts the system performance drastically low, so
that that the concurrent application cannot collect the data fast enough to
update the screen and even worse, don't know anymore the positions of the probe
station, which finally generates a timeout.

The same testbench was tried with LabView 4.0, because I heard from someone that
LabView has multitasking capabilities. A counter for example should not lock up
the computer or prevent other applications from executing. This approach worked

I think HP VEE doesn't have these capabilities because in the early days it was
developed for UNIX platforms which were really mulitasking. When HP VEE was
ported to PC they apparently forgot the restrictions of Windows.

With kind regards,

Arjen Bakker.

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