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VRf-GPIB problems

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 21, 1997
to: VRf
     from: Sami Ahokas (
     I have some major GPIB problems. I have 133 MHz pentium computer with
     Win95 and HP 82341C HP-IB interface card. Problem is, that my
     instruments doesn't understand commands that I try to send to them
     with VEE.
     For example, when I use instrument finder to send *IDN? inquiry to my
     instrument that should respond to that inquiry, I can't get any
     response and my instrument displays error message that indicates that
     unknown header was sent. Results are always the same, no matter what I
     try to send.
     I found out with logic analyzer that only first byte of the inquiry was
     sent and line feed after that. So *IDN? will shorten to *. What can
     cause that? Is there any chances of configuration problem? I have had
     response from my instrument with the following program, so the
     instrument should be ok.
     |Interface Op's : hpib7@7|
     | EXECUTE CLEAR          |
     | SEND UNT               |
     | SEND UNL               |
     | SEND LISTEN9           |
     | SEND MTA               |
     | SEND DATA "*"          |
     | SEND DATA "I"          |
     | SEND DATA "D"          |
     | SEND DATA "N"          |
     | SEND DATA "?"          |
     | SEND DATA "
"         |
     |Keithley 2000 (@709)    |
     | READ TEXT x STR        |
     | EXECUTE LOCAL          |
     Does this sound familiar? If it does, please let me know how you worked
     it out.

Date: Wed, 22 Jan 97 09:15:35 -0800
From: "Tom Sanders" <>
Subject: Re: VRF: Form Feed inside print
To:, Stan Bischof  <>

--- On Tue, 21 Jan 1997 16:01:33 -0800 (PST)  Stan Bischof <> wrote:
> Hi
> here's a seemingly simple task that wortks fine under HPUX but seems
> a royal pain under Win 95:
> Namely I want to print some data, issue a form feed and then print
> some more data.
> Under HPUX I simple use a "to Print" object and
>       write text a
>       write text inttochar(12)
>       write text b
> and it works great (12 is ascii decimal code for form feed)
> On my WIN95 PC this doesn;t work and the reason is alluded to in
> the "help" system: namely that "control characters" on the PC cannot be
> embedded in a print job. Sounds like a limitation of the print drivers
> rather than VEE per se.
> The suggested alternative is to use a _to file_ pointed at the
> printer port (LPT1 or whatnot) which seems klunky at best.
> Is there perhaps a better way of doing this?
> thanks for any hints
> Stan Bischof

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You can include an "execute close" in the "to print" object that will force a form feed.
The only disadvantage to this is it actually creates 2 print jobs so if you have a banner
page you will get one in the middle of your printout.

Name: Tom Sanders
E-mail: (Tom Sanders)
Date: 01/22/97
Time: 09:15:36