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VEE- Your answer to Tim

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 4, 1997
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Thanks for you input... 4.0 does look pretty interesting.


Date: 3/5/97 1:25 PM
To: James Elliott
From: Stan Bischof
"James Elliott" <> wrote:
> Stan-
>  I need to get a hold of the media for 10.2 installation. In fact, 'update'
> does still exist
> for 10.20 in /usr/sbin but fails miserably on all of my 9.x Vee media.

Probably trying to install into non-existent directories.

> I have
> had a call into
> the 800-452-4844 support line since last night but no response yet.

That sounds like your best bet. Don't know of anywhere you can download

Since 4 is shipping quite soon you might want to go directly to 4.0
for your work- it has some really nice new capabilities.


PS- I use VEE but am otherwise not associated with the product or it's

Stan Bischof   Hewlett Packard Company   707-577-3994

From: "Albert Heberle" <>
Subject: efficient array access
To: "vee mirror" <>

Is there an efficient way to go through an arry without having to program
a loop (which is slow) e.g. for reversing the order of the elements of an =