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VRf : Need help

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 26, 1997
I am using serial communication with an instrument using HPVEE Direct I/O..
In Direct I/O configuration, i specify a timeout of 60 seconds. I run the
HPVEE program from a HP-700 series m/c. when i runthis program, it sets
the timeout of the HP serial terminal ( serial10) as "min=0, time = 250"
(viewed using stty )..which means the timeout of that particular terminal
becomes 250/10 = 25 seconds...( i think since termio structure has only
i byte for storing time, it can be set atmost to 255 ie 25.5 sec).
so effectively my read routine comes out, after 25 seconds, irrespective
of the timeout given in Direct I/O configuration)..
i would like to know, is it that 25.5 sec is the max timeout can be
given for a direct I/O configuration....if not, how i can implement
a timeout of 1 min.
Looking forward for your valuable suggestions.
Thanking You.


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