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Help!! Need Driver for CIO DAS 1602/16 (ComputerBoards inc.)

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 28, 1996

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> Date: Mon, 28 Oct 96 14:26:19 +0100
> Subject: Help!! Need Driver  for CIO DAS 1602/16 (ComputerBoards inc.)
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>  I'm looking for a Driver for our DAQ Card from Computer Boards Inc.
>  which is called "CIO DAS 1602/16".
>  I'm asking You because I can't connect to the ftp/server of hp.

>  I tried it at this adress:
>    or
>  Is this adress right or has it changed?

>  Bjarne Roscher
>  Haukeland Sykehus
>  med tek avd

Hi Bjarne,

Some things are beyond our local control, and the customer access
anonymous ftp machine you referenced,, was abruptly
replaced by .  The directory structure remains
the same.

I hope to get the "" _name_ to point to the new
fcext3 machine, but we'll see, and then only for 6 months anyway.

So start using the new fcext3 machine name:     (= MXD front door)  (= PC T&M front door)

Those pages eventually lead to the VXIplug&play Instrument Driver pages:      (html version) ... pdrver.lis    (text version)

And here are the Classic Instrument Drivers for HP VEE and ITG II pages: ... index.html  (html version) ... driver.lis  (text version)

The nslookup command tells me the IP address , but it could change without notice.

But you asked for a VEE driver for the CIO DAS 1602/16 DAQ Card from
Computer Boards Inc.:  I scanned the Classic Instrument Drivers for HP
VEE and ITG II pages for "CIO", "DAS", "1602" and found no matches.

I think Steven Timian ( had a good suggestion to call
Computer Boards at 508-261-1123 and ask about their "Universal Library
for HP VEE".

Hope this helps!

Please contact us if you have questions.

Ted Cline
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