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VRf: General Protection Fault error with VEE 3.12 for windoze

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 23, 1997
Hi everyone,
i have VEE installed on a 133MHz Pentium with 32 MB RAM.
The program processes an array of 2000 elems in a loop.
There is a lot of math processing in the form of fft, ifft etc.
Now the data (128 arrays of 2000 pts each) is stored in a file.
The problem is, i get "General Protection Fault" errors randomly, whenever
i run the program.  ie it may run for first 4 or 5 arrays, but then
bomb on the 5th. 
i tried reducing the number of pts in the arrays to 500 each, and the
program works fine.  it is only when there are 2000 pts that it goes
crazy.  My question then, is there any way to allocate memory for these
memory intensive operations (fft or ifft) ?         
i have tried running the program in Animate mode, to see exactly where it
bombs, but again this is random. Also, i checked to see that no two fft
operations occur in parallel.  But still havent narrowed down the problem.
If anybody can shed light on memory management in VEE or solve the
problems i am having, it would be greatly appreciated...!!!

Neville Dholoo
Parallel Design
Tempe, AZ
(602) 966-6768

PS:  I definitely cannot use arrays of 500 pts, since the time resolution
is unacceptable.