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Convert now() in VEE to d,m,y and h,m,s in Excel.

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 30, 1997 wrote:
> Results from instruments are stored together with timestamp now() 62,99G in a
> file.  When I open the file in Excel, I
> like to convert now() to d,m,y and h,m,s.  How is it possible?

Don't know much about programming in Excel, so would suggest either one of
two approaches:

(1) Check your Excel manual to see how to program it as needed to convert the
absolute time in seconds (the 62.99G item) to your desired time format.


(2) When you write to the file from VEE, write in the format that you want.
You would do this by using the formatting capability of the "TO FILE"'s
transactions. Choose TIMESTAMP format and select the options that you want.

the latter is probably easier.

If you end up using this a fair amount, then you may want to create yourself a
user function called   excelStyleTime(a)   or whatever  that does the
conversions using a TO STRING. Then in your TO FILE transaction you
simply enter the function acll and don't have to remember the formatting.


Stan Bischof