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Accessing globals

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 30, 1997
Thank you, Alex.
     Maybe, you can give me another hint:
     I am creating a real-time application. In short, I need to sample
     frequencies of 256 devices under test (DUTs) every 7 min +/- 15 sec
     and also communicate with them via RS-232 port using IEEE-488 GPIB
     controlled switching network. On top of that, there may be a
     considerable data reduction and operator data entry activity going on
     at the same time. The way I intend to implement that is by using
     multiple threads (one for frequency sampling, one for RS-232
communications, one for data analysis, one for operator interface refreshing,

The question is: how do I make frequency sampling thread to be the first
priority in execution, so that I measure frequency in specified time intervals?
Also, is there any way to prevent RS-232 communication objects from locking up
the system until they recieve appropirate response or time-out?

Sergey Ermolin

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Subject: Re: Accessing globals
Author:  Non-HP-studnev ( at HP-SantaClara,shargw1
Date:    1/31/97 12:28 AM

        Hi, Sergey,
        A hint: if you are working with file, organize the functions
( including close file ) in ONE user function. In this case no other
objects can be called between open and close file - no collisions are posiible!