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Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 4, 1997
Hi all:

Does anyone know if the product HP E2091D runs for HP-UX 10.2 ?

If no, is there on the market a new product covering HP-UX 10.2 ?


Juan Vera <>
Indra Espacio S.A

From: Gary Holmlund <>
Subject: Re: HFSS licenses?
To: (Stan Bischof)
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 97 8:54:39 PST

> Hi Gary
> Seems that our HFSS licenses are timed out so we are more-or-less shut down.
> And the new version is still far enough out that we'll need to keep
> the old one running.
> Plus we can't get renewals unless we can track down the "legit" paperwork,
> it seems
> so
> I'm attempting to round up a few HFSS license certificates from the old NMD
> days. My memory says that back when we bought some number of legit licenses,
> though I was not involved with the purchases at that time, so doubt that
> any of these are within my records.
> Chances are these were 300 series licenses, though we probably also bought
> one for hpnmdla. Would you have any HFSS certficates dating from those
> days?
> thanks
> Stan
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Hi Stan,

No, I don't have any HFSS licenses. You might try Dave Wilson. Also,
Glenn Ingel is in charge of our customer codeword support. They might
have old records of legit licenses.