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VRF-availability of 4.0 examples

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 7, 1997
>From the 3/2 MXD Exchange For March 1997:

> % Customers have long asked us to provide the ability to read the values
>   of markers from XY Trace objects, and for "normalized" FFT values; we
>   were not able to build these improvements into VEE 4.0, but there are
>   new example programs that provide UserFunctions to perform these tasks.

Is there any hope of making these examples available to VEE 3.2 users?
I am planning an application right now that needs a user to mark
points on a graph and was looking for this capability.  The problem is
that I'm not going to be able to move to VEE 4.0 for quite a while.
It would be a great help if I could just look at the example then
rebuild it in VEE 3.2.