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VRf - Attention to those who have received Vee counter

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 4, 1996

From: Dave Andersen
To: Persons who have received the Vee Code Counter
Re: Problem counting version 3.2 of Vee

I just discovered today that the counter is not giving the same count for a
file written in version 3.12 and then resaved as a version 3.2.  In fact the
difference is substantial (about a factor of 3 or 4).  I will look into this
in the near future and will upgrade the counter for the new version.  I have
only tried this on a DOS machine, but I assume that UNIX will be no

My apologies to you.

Below is the output of the counter from my files:

The file opened is SDST.VEE
The length of the file is 1848947 bytes

Total lines processed = 84091
Total equivalent lines of code = 1771

The file opened is sdst32.vee
The length of the file is 1233053 bytes

Total lines processed = 66238
Total equivalent lines of code = 488

Total lines processed all files = 150329
Total equivalent lines of code all files = 2259