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Which version of Vee works on HPUX 10.20?Vrf - Which version of VEE works on HPUX 10.20?

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 5, 1996
Kit Hayashibara <> wrote:
> Does Veetest 3.21 work on HPUX 10.10 or 10.20? I'm confused since
> it stated in the June issue of the MXD Exchange that Vee 3.2 does not
> work under 10.10 and won't until the next major update. I have an
> email from my HP sales rep that says 3.21 works on all versions of
> HPUX 9.x - 10.x. Which one is correct?

Speaking as a user and not any sort of official answer, I believe that
you will find that VEE 3.21 will indeed work on all versions
of HPUX 9.x - 10.x.

HOWEVER, if you want to do instrument control then there is a glitch.

This requires SICL, which indeed does skip support for HPUX 10.1. Works
fine for other versions of HPUX.


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