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VRF - overplot graph

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 31, 1996
from: Juan Carlos Martin / INDRA ESPACIO / MADRID /SPAIN / 34-1-3963995 / FAX 34-1-3963912
REF:  RE:VRF - overplot graph
date: 1/August/1996

At 11:40 31/07/96 PDT, you wrote:
>Hello All,
>I am having some trouble getting an XY Trace to display my FFT output data
>in an overplot - type mode. I am sending an array of 2048 integers to the
>graph, but want to reset the pen every 128 points (giving me 16 graphs on
>top of each other). I found the Clear - Next Curve reference, and made a
>special input for this.  I then used a Relational object for the input for
>this with A==127 as the formula. It resets the pen OK, but only after every
>2048 points instead of 127. I think I will also need a Clear Display input
>to clear the graph every 2048 points if I can get this to work.
>Any advice would be appreciated. I haven't yet found any of the HP VEE
>examples to have an overplot or waterfall type graph in them..
>Raymond Brown
>Microstar Laboratories

Hello Raymond,
I think you could use a REPEAT_FOR_RANGE object between 0..15 with output
value en n. This loop could input into a formula object in order to get:

   -> |n| "ary["+ (1+128*n) + ":" + (128+128*n) + "]" |result|->

In this way you will get the following iterative text:  ary[1:128],
ary[129:256]... and thus at the end.
Output of this formula is input of an object DATA/ACCESS_ARRAY/GET_VALUES.
In this object "ary" input pin is connected to the FFT data and you could
make "Control Input->formula", new pin connected to output of before formula
object. The subarray output pin could be connected to a input plot object.
If you create an OK button which is activated each time by the above
REPEAT_FOR_RANGE_OBJECT and its output to the "clear" pin of plot, you could
have that you want with a "clear" control.
I hope that explanation will be useful and not confuse for you.

                Juan Carlos Martin