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Colour Indicators and their control

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 5, 1996
from: Juan Carlos Martin / INDRA ESPACIO /MADRID / 34-1-3963995 / FAX 34-1-3963912
date: Tuesday, 6 August 1996


My current application shows some mimic of equipment. I would like that
colour of these mimics could change depending on their state: alarm,
warning, ready, out of order, etc... But at the same time I want that the
operator could push the diferent mimics and the panel control of the
specific equipment could appear. Thus, the operator can check what happend
when a warning colour (for example) is shown by the mimic of a equipment,
pushing it.

Now I am doing that using a show panel of a function with a picture which
input is a different bitmaps name depending on the state. And a OK button
objet, more or less, almost at the same place than the panel of the
function. Of course it seems very complicated and a hard work (think in any

I wonder if it exists other way to do it. Of course, this approach could be
easier if "color alarm indicator" object could have more than 3 control
colours and it could have the same functionality than a OK button, i.e. it
could be pushed by the operator.

I think that colour alarm indicator object could not be limited by 3
different colours but any new colour could be added like a else/if in a
If/Then/Else object.
That idea could be applied for all indicators, not only for control alarm
Moreover, currently that indicators are monitor objects, I think that these
objects (or some of them) could be control object at the same time.

On the other hand, from my point of view, the idea of my colleague Juan Vera
about vertical labels is very interesting. I suggest that vertical and
horizontal lines could be availables in UserObject panels in order to
display the information in a more ordenated way.

Finally, I think UserObjects and Functions could have a CANCEL button to
ignore the last generated modifications. In some cases this could avoid some

Sorry because I do not know if this forum is the better place to show these
kind of ideas. Thanks in advance,

                Juan Carlos Martin