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Network Install of HPVEE on NT Server...

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 26, 1998
The problem here is that you did not install it on the client machines.
There are registry settings that must be set before the clients are
going to work correctly.  I believe that this sort of installation is
not supported.

Ken Colasuonno

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     I would like to install hpvee 4 on a winnt server.  I have tried
it, and
     it works for the mostpart.  It complains about not being able to
find a
     large number of bitmaps. These seem to the the graphics for the
icons in
     iconic view. 

     Has anyone done this successfully?  What do I need to change on

     I am running winNT server 4 and winNT workstations as the
clients.  All
     using hpvee4.  Networked on tcp/ip.


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