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VRf-Two Serial Ports

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 27, 1997
To: VEE Reflector
From: Peter Fender
Subj: Using Two Serial Ports in VEE
Date: 28 Apr 1997

I recently installed an expansion board with a second
serial port for our PC Test Station.
The PC now has two ports and they are setup with standard
port addresses and IRQ's.
I used SICLBINHWCONF.exe to setup the two ports
as select codes 9 and 10.
I am running VEE 3.12 on Windows 3.1.

I can open two Windows Terminal apps and talk to each of the
devices connected.

However I am having trouble talking to both in VEE.
If I just use simple Direct I/O commands like
both ports seem to work fine.

But when I have to read binary data and no EOL is present,
I use an Interface Event to see how many characters are available
(N), then use a READ TEXT X CHAR:N to read in the characters.

This works OK for the first port I read data from (either one).
But when I then try to read from the second one, the Device
Event returns correct number of characters, but
only about one-third of them are able to be read in.
And the READ gives an error saying not enough data is
The latter two-thirds of the data disappeared.

This seems like a SICL or VEE problem since the WIndows
Terminals operate correctly, but I don't know what to try next.

Any help you can provide to get both ports working is apprecieated.

Thanks in advance,

Peter Fender
Raytheon E-Systems, Inc.
PO Box 12248
St. Petersburg, FL  33733