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VRF - questions and comments about VEE 4.0

Question asked by VRFuser on May 5, 1997
At 12:51 2/05/97 -0800, you wrote:
>I recently installed VEE 4.0 and find it a major improvement in many ways
over previous versions.  Especially
>useful are the find features, cut&paste and the profiler.  There are a few
questions I have:
>5.  Time-slicing doesn't seem to work.  I have a program that has 4 user
objects that run simultaneously under
>VEE 3.21.  Using VEE 4.0 execution gets stuck in one object.  I tried
making them user functions with the same
>result.  I have attached a program that demonstrates this.  In VEE 3
compatibility mode the two user objects
>will run simultaneously, but not the function, as expected.  In compiled
mode the 2 objects and the function
>execute sequentially.  I expected them to execute simultaneously.
>Thanks for any help,
>Tom Sanders
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Hi Tom,
I have run your program and it is true. It seems that there are no time-slicing.
However, I think that the problem is due to START object. In V3.21 START
runs all the threads (and in V4.0 it should be the same as it is written in
HELP), but it seems do not work very well under V4.0.

That is, if you cut the START object and push RUN, you will have the
time-slicing with functions (which was not allow in V3.21).

I used to make little VEE test program close to the main application when I
wanted to perform some feature and I did not how to make it. When I fixed up
with the correct objects and control flow, I passed this solution to the
main application. I used to include and START object dedicated to the test
objects. In this way my little test could work althouh the main application
could not run because it could be still under development. With VEE 4.0 it
is not possible because (I do not know if it is due to "copiled" features)
when START object is pushed VEE checks not only the thread under it but the
rest of the VEE threads. Therefore if you have not well implemented the rest
of VEE application it will not run.

Is it a bug of the START object?

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