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Convert coord array to real array

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 26, 1997
My, the reflector is busy today ... the rest of the week is a holiday in the
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> I am sending a 1D REAL ARRAY through a COMPARATOR to filter out unwanted
> values but the output is a COORD ARRAY.  This adds clutter to my array
> that causes problems when I display selected values to alphanumeric
> displays or save them to a file.   How can I convert the coord array
> BACK to a real array?  Or a similar question is "How do I display or
> save JUST the array values, NOT the coordinate prefixes?"
> For example, when I display the result of MIN(array), it looks something
> like this:  (4, 21.53)
> I want it to look like this:  21.53

Simple, just use UnBuild Coordinate ... you get arrays of both X and Y

> The same goes for saving these values to a ASCII file.
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> Alternatively, my problem could be solved by answering this question:
> "How can I eliminate 1-D array values that fall outside numerical limits
> (i.e., <19 and >23)?"  Clipupper and cliplower only REPLACES the values
> with the upper and lower limit.

The Comparator is the right tool for the job.

> Thanks,
> Roger Martin

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