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VRf - Socket Problems

Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 2, 1997

Allen K. Lair wrote:

> The project I am working on involves a host with several GPIB
> instruments attached.  The host is more or less in an endless loop
> looking for a socket connection from the client side with the GUIs,
> etc.  It seems for whatever reason the host will no longer accept a
> socket connection after a period of time.  When the host does make a
> socket connection, it forwards the data to a direct I/O object to the
> appropriate instrument.  Rebooting cures the problem for a while but
> this is obviously not a solution.  Both host and client are Win95
> machines.  Running the host and client on the same machine and "faking"
> a network connection works as well but fails more often than using
> another computer on the network.
> Has anyone incurred similar problems or could suggest a solution?
> Thanks,
> Allen K. Lair
> Communications Research Centre
> Kanata, Ontario

We used sockets with VEE 3.2 running under NT and had no problems at all.
We ran the client and server in the same machine as well as between two NT
machines.  We did, at one point, try to run the client/server apps in a
Win95 machine and had problems but
we chalked it up to our inexperience with Win95.  Sorry I can't say more
about Win95.