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Using Records in VEE 4.0

Question asked by VRFuser on May 17, 1997
Using records seems to be needlessly complicated in VEE.
I am declaring a global record variable, but can't set a field unless I
first initialize the entire record via a Record Constant (the set field
object requires an initialized record for input) or else use Build Record
to set all values at once. I have to define each field's name and type for
both the Variable Declaration as well as the Record Constant or Build
Record. This is quite tedious for records that contain more than just a few
fields. There must be an easier way!

It would sure be handy to have some sort of typing mechanism so that once a
record structure has defined once, you could just "apply" that structure
where needed.
Also, it would be nice to able to initialize a variable when declaring it.