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uploading Learn strings in a program

Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 3, 1997
Hi Ken,
My methode is very silly, but works fine for me, though:
1- Manually set the instrument to the required setting.
2- Made a very simple VEE-program to aquire its learnstring (obvious:
first of all the instrument should be able to send it), and put this
as a single string to a file. This is my ".ini"-file.
3- At "applicationprogram initialisationtime", I read this string and
send it, as it is, to the instrument.

Most of the time you (at least I) try manually the default settings I
think I need. Once I'm confident, just run my readout program.

>  I can work around this in my current application, but I have the following
>  problems:

>         1) There is no way to activate the "Upload State" in a program during   
>            runtime.  To make a change to a learn stage, the equipment must be
>            set up, the "Upload State" menu item clicked on, and them the object
>            cloned to wherever it is needed (or use a learn_string function for
>            each piece of equipment).

>            Currently in HP Basic, we have a table we fill out for the equipment 
>            settings needed, and the program sets up the learn strings at        
>            runtime. 

>         2) This method does not let the learn strings to be stored to variables.
>            Has anyone had success outputting learn strings to variables and then
>            inputting them back to the instruments in Vee?
>  Thanks,
>  Ken Larson
>  Stellex Microwave Systems
Greetings, Johannes