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Re2: VRf Microsoft Access

Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 3, 1997
We implimented an ACESS interface as follows:

    Open MSACCESS with an Execute Program object.
    Write to Access using a to/from DDE object.  The parameters are as
        Application: MSACCESS
        Topic: system
        Timeout: 15
    To open the database use:
        EXECUTE CMND "[OpenDatabase "+YourDatabaseName+"]"
    To manipulate the database in Structured Query Language
        EXECUTE CMND "[runSQL ""+A+""]"
    A formula builds an SQL statement that you feed into the A input of
    this object.

We used the report functions in MSACCESS to generate the datasheets.

The above method was implemented in VEE 3.12, and took a lot of tinkering
and error handlers.  It resulted in a very polished solution, but it took a
lot of effort.  Note also that VEE briefly changes colors when ACCESS loads

An alternate method is to use Visual Basic with the Jet database engine to
write ACCESS-compatible files.  It is somewhat more flexible, especially
for the user interface.  Use DDE to write the data into a field of a VB
form and chew on it from there.  If you carefully define the I/O interface,
the VB stuff can interface with other languages as well

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