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vrf- adding a "back" button

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 28, 1998
Hi Grant,

This might help: I'm not using the OK button, but the Toggle button,
which I loop back that it resets itself. I check the output to be a
'one'. So I can use several bottons, and poll them all. If one
pressed, that thread is executed.
I even start with a dummy label on my panel, that looks like a
'grayed' button. Indicating 'this button is not active'.
My real button is on a userfunctionpanel. The minimum function itself
is just resetting the button, and returning the button's output. But
this function can contain the entire thread to be executed, provided
that the polling of the other buttons can be suspended.

With this setup it is very easy to enable or disable button actions
using the ShowPanel and HidePanel functions, whenever you like.

In fact all buttonfunctions can be exactly the same simple function,
whit only different names and different text in the button.

See the attached example

> 2. Is it possible to have multiple "ok" buttons in the same User Object
> Panel? I try to have
>     multiple buttons, but pressing one "ok" effects the other "ok"
> buttons.
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