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VRf-PC to PC communication

Question asked by VRFuser on May 20, 1997
I am presently trying to finish a system design for a test system using 3
PCs with Vee to control 24 (3 banks of 8) test fixtures.  However, I do
need some limited communication between machines.  Each will have HP's
??341D (I think) 16-bit HPIB card hooked to a volt meter and power supply.
I also need some limtied communication between the three machines
(temperature and possibly sync).  One would have the info and need to send
it to the others.  Can this be done with those cards over HPIB if I add 2
more cables?  How about if I add ethernet cards.  I ran out of room in the
PCs for extra cards and need to do it with exisitng hardware.