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Driver cause application error?

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 27, 1997


I am using the 89441 vee driver and I am running into problems. As soon as I
try to add a terminal to the input I get an application error and I get
knock out of HP-Vee. The problem only occurs when I use a input terminal
that is above R in the alphabetically listing of possible input terminals.
The error message occurs immediately upon clicking a terminal to add.

I am using HP-Vee 3.12 on windows 3.11.

The following things have been tried but with no success

- I have downloaded the lastest driver.
- Reinstalled HP-Vee
- I have run ckitpro on the hardware looking for memory problems.
- I have installed qemm to maximize the amount of memory available.

I have another PC system with HP-Vee and the problem does not  occur. The
two systems autoconfig.bat and config.sys are almost identical.

I would appreciate any suggestions on how to fix this problem

Mike Gustin