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Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 30, 1997

     I have used the Borland C++ compiler V3.0 for Windows, although all work
was done using Borland's make utility for DOS.  The DLL produced was a software
layer to link HPVee to CyberReseach's Universal Library for their CTM05 counter
timer board.  Basically, HPVee requried specific type definitions for variables
and function names.  I uploaded the stuff to my ftp site for a VRF-mail-list
request and I haven't removed it yet.  The ftp site is:

later this fellow modified the DLL and had me recompile it.  A batch file that
includes Borland's setup variables is in the directory:

Myself and a collegue have also written a working (but should be modified) DLL
to read in values from a PC joystick for VEE.  Using the DLL and a simple VEE
program I was able to draw on an x-y trace object with the joystick.  Now I have
to find a practical use for the DLL!  If you want to see this work then email me
and I will upload it also.