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VRf-Two Serial Ports from V

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 30, 1997
To: VEE Reflector
From: Peter Fender
Subj: More on Using Two Serial Ports in VEE
Date: 01 May 1997

I have a little more information regarding my problem
with using two serial ports from VEE 3.12.
(Original posting follows).

The first port that is used or activated in VEE works as expected.
The second port stops reading data when it gets to a linefeed
in the data stream.
I am using  READ TEXT n CHAR:n to read in the characters.

This occurs even if the terminator character for the port is
set to nothing, null, or another character.
It stops at a linefeed even if the data is read in with a
READ BINARY x ARRAY:n  DIO command !

I can't think of any workarounds for this, other than going
back to a manual A/B serial switch and just using one
COM port from VEE.  Does anyone have any other ideas ?

All my SICL files and VEE .dll's are dated 7/9/95 03:10:00 am.
Are there any updates or patches out for these ?

Could this be a WIndows problem that does not show up when
using the Windows Terminal applet to test the ports ?

Upgrading to a newer version of VEE isn't an option right
now - our division is still standardized on Windows 3.1
and has no immediate plans to move to Win95 or NT.

Thanks in advance,

Peter Fender
Raytheon E-Systems, Inc.
PO Box 12248
St. Petersburg, FL  33733


> Hello,
> I recently installed an expansion board with a second
> serial port for our PC Test Station.
> The PC now has two ports and they are setup with standard
> port addresses and IRQ's.
> I used SICLBINHWCONF.exe to setup the two ports
> as select codes 9 and 10.
> I am running VEE 3.12 on Windows 3.1.
> I can open two Windows Terminal apps and talk to each of the
> devices connected.
> However I am having trouble talking to both in VEE.
> If I just use simple Direct I/O commands like
> both ports seem to work fine.
> But when I have to read binary data and no EOL is present,
> I use an Interface Event to see how many characters are available
> (N), then use a READ TEXT X CHAR:N to read in the characters.

Use a READ BYTE instead.  I don't think text will swallow binary data very

> This works OK for the first port I read data from (either one).
> But when I then try to read from the second one, the Device
> Event returns correct number of characters, but
> only about one-third of them are able to be read in.
> And the READ gives an error saying not enough data is
> availible.
> The latter two-thirds of the data disappeared.
> This seems like a SICL or VEE problem since the WIndows
> Terminals operate correctly, but I don't know what to try next.

Not a known problem, I am afraid ... please note that we have, however,
fixed a lot problems in current VEE revisions and we would encourage you to
upgrade to take advantage of them.

> Any help you can provide to get both ports working is apprecieated.