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VEE 4.0 RS-232 Execute Reset

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 8, 1997
I'm porting a large program written originally in VEE 3.12 to VEE 4.0 under Win NT. I'm experiencing a difference in operation with the "EXECUTE RESET" command in a direct IO to an RS-232 port. It seems that in 3.12 the execute reset waited several seconds before allowing execution to proceed. In 4.0 the execute reset continues immediately and subsequent RS-232 communication is corrupted or times out.

A delay statement after the execute reset seems to solve the problem, but with a large program finding and changing all the occurrences will be time consuming. I'm also concerned about intermittent behavior if other communication over the rs-232 is similarly affected.

Also this behavior is different depending on if the functions are executed stand-alone or imported into a main program???

Does anyone know what is going on here??

Steve Morisse
MPD Technologies Inc.

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