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VRF-Modem data transfer from VEE

Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 5, 1997
Gunnar I. Baldvinsson wrote:

> Hi all.
> I want to find out if it is possible to communicate with modems
> through
> VEE (v. 3.2) and what is the best way in implementing it. For example
> is
> it possible to set up a modem from VEE using the common AT commands
> by using some sort of direct I/O through a serial interface. Further
> has
> anyone tried to transfer data directly from VEE through a modem.

Gunnar, I am currently writing a function in VEE 4.01 to perform
automatic paging from an application. This is not exactly the same as
modem-to-modem data transfer, but does use common AT commands. So far,
my prototyping has been straight forward and without significant
problems using direct I/O. I am using a U.S.Robotics 33.6Faxmodem
(external model). Their user's guide provides an AT command reference
(and their web page has been useful as well), but there is a lack of
specific programming information (no examples or tutorials, simply a
command reference). So far, I've been successful in my hacking. The only
tip I can really provide you is beware of the command return value. I
use this for determining if the modem has performed the desired function
or returned an error. Most AT commands (at least with the USR) are
"immediate", meaning you receive the "OK" return value as soon as the
comand is accepted - not necessarily when the command is executed.