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Generating DLL's with Borland Compiler

Question asked by VRFuser on May 1, 1997
David Rust <> wrote:
> I am trying to generate a dll for VEE 4.0 and 3.12 using the Borland C++
> compiler.  The examples in the HP documentation are for the MS Visual C
> compiler.  I can get the library object to import the dll, but I get an
> error 'unable to load function'.  Anyone been successful using the Borland
> Compiler?  Any special compiler/linker commands req'd?

I don't think you'll be successful generating one dll for both, as
4.0 is 32 bit code and 3.12 is 16 bit code. Are you generating the
right # bit code for the DLL's? There should be a switch somewhere
in Borland that indicates what you are building.

COuld be all sorts of other things- but I like to check for the basics!

good luck

Stan Bischof