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VRf : Execute program (PC)

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 10, 1997

At this moment we use VEE 3.12 under windows 3.1.

When I launch a DOS-program with the object "Execute program (PC)" the
program seems to run differently, depending on the fact that the option
"Wait for prog exit" was chosen or not.

When "Wait for prog exit" == "Yes" the DOS-program seems to hang once in
a while resulting in a non-continuous behavior. 
When "Wait for prog exit" == "No" the program runs smoothly. 

What is causing this behavior?

Can I have the best of both: A smooth uniterrupted DOS program execution
and a signal that my DOS program has finished such that VEE runs
synchronously .

Does the same thing happens under windows NT and/or with VEE 4.0?

Thank you in advance
Dirk Uwaerts

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